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Music Therapy Auditions

Students at table advertising USU music therapy
In addition to applying for admission to the University, all applicants interested in pursuing a music degree must perform an audition prior to their first semester enrolling in music courses. Auditions serve admission and placement purposes, and are also for talent scholarship consideration.

Applicants interested in admission to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Music Therapy degree program are required to pass a three-part audition process before beginning coursework:


Pre-selection Audition: Tuesday, December 17, 2019


A completed application form and video links containing the following should be received by the due date above:

  1. Auditionee singing a song and accompanying themselves on guitar OR piano.
  2. A 1-2 minute response to the questions “What is music therapy?” and “What makes this career well suited for me?”

Please use the “Recorded Video Submission Form” at to submit these materials. Use the “1st Selection” field to submit the self-accompanied song.  Use the "2nd Selection" field to submit your responses.

On-Site Therapy Audition: Saturday, February 15, 2020


After being notified via email of passing the DVD pre-selection process, auditionees will be invited to an on-site audition and asked to show the following memorized repertoire:

  1. A recital-ready (classical) piece on their principal instrument
  2. A sung popular/contemporary song, accompanied on piano
  3. A sung folk or children’s song, accompanied on guitar


Please consult the application form for more details on the above audition requirements.


Music Therapy applicants living out of state or out of the U.S. may audition via Skype.    Contact Dr. Hearns ( to arrange for your Skype audition.  Applicants residing in the state of Utah are expected to audition live.

Potential music therapy majors who have been invited to the live audition must also audition on their major instrument for the studio faculty in each area.  Students will be emailed with details about how to audition for the studio faculty after they have been invited to audition live.

For additional information about audition scheduling, contact:
CCA Advising Office at

For additional infomration about audition content or expectations, contact:
Music Therapy Academic Program Director:
Dr. Maureen Hearns at