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Music Education Deadlines

Instructor helping young violinist

Deadlines of Note

Students should consult the annual department handbook for suggested curriculum choices each semester.  Students are also responsible for comparing courses taken with Degree Maps and the Schedule of Classes, particularly for university studies requirements (transfer students particularly note). 

There are three advising sources that Music Education majors should use for specific curricular issues:
1. Music Education area advisor (often your applied instructor): Music course requirements
2. CCA Advising Center: University Core Course requirements
3. Secondary Education: Secondary Teacher Education Program courses

Completing course requirements in a timely manner and in recommended order is ultimately the student's responsibility.  Any course failures may jeopardize a student’s ability to graduate at a predetermined time.

Students should be sure to register for the Secondary Teacher Education Program four semesters before they plan to student teach (i.e. Fall semester + 1 year before spring student teaching).  This should occur in the first four weeks of the semester because the writing test component is only offered at that time.  The listening test is offered after the writing exam is completed.

Students should plan to complete all curriculum, save for senior recital, before student teaching, and the senior recital is recommended prior to student teaching.

Students must apply for student teaching a year in advance.  Check with Secondary Education for specific deadlines.

Students are recommended to see their area advisors at least once each semester before scheduling for classes to ensure proper sequence of curriculum.

Instrumental music education majors should make every effort to participate in Instrumental Conducting Ensemble (I.C.E.), a lab ensemble for junior/senior-level advanced conducting.  Students enroll for I.C.E., the ensemble, each fall and additionally  register for Advanced Instrumental Conducting (MUSC 4240) their junior (or senior) year.  Likewise, Choral Music Education majors register for the spring course with instrumental majors using the lab group as their choral ensemble requirement.

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