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Current Students

Music student with trumpet

Greetings! This page contains links chosen to help you during your time as a student at USU. We also invite you to follow us on Facebook for the latest news and announcements from the Music Department.

Maintaining Music Major Status.  These criteria must be met to remain in the music program.

Individual Instruction Requirements. All music majors are required to take individual instruction on their major instrument.

Piano Proficiency Requirements.  All music majors must pass a basic Piano Proficiency level.

Recital Requirements.  All Music Performance and Music Education majors must perform at least one recital.

Concert Attendance Requirement. All music students must satisfy Concert/Recital Attendance Requirement in order to graduate.

National Association of Schools of Music Health and Safety. Protect your hearing and neuromusculoskeletal and vocal health.

Practice Room Scheduling. Policies and information about scheduling practice rooms.

Practice room windows are not allowed to be covered. All current coverings and any future coverings will be removed.

Instrument Locker Check-outs. Policies and information about checking out music lockers.

Music Therapy Student HandbookThis handbook contains important information for Music Therapy majors to successfully complete all degree requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree in music therapy.

Music Department Student Services. We can help you sign up for an instrument locker or practice room, and record your concert attendance, as well as offer information about music courses. Visit us on campus in FA 102.

Student Recital Publicity Form. We want to put your recital on our online calendar. Fill out and submit this form so that we can publicize your event!

Music Opportunities. Check here for job and volunteer opportunities for student musicians.

Student Clubs and Organizations. Meet other students in your area to learn, discuss ideas, and make music.

Course Information. Looking for specifics about a required or optional music course? Refer to the online course catalog.

Degree Maps. Want to see the requirements for your chosen degree, to make sure you're on track for graduation? View your degree map, and visit with one of our experienced advisors.

Honors Studies. Looking to do more with your university studies? Consider the honors program at Utah State University. 

USU Student Services. Not feeling well? Need help managing your schedule? Advice on covering your tuition costs? Want to get more involved in student activities on campus? Look to the Division of Student Services at Utah State University for assistance. We want you to succeed!