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How to Reserve a Music Department Instrument Locker

Instrument lockers are made available each semester for USU students who want a place to store their instrument on campus. Declared Music majors can start making reservations approximately one week before the semester begins. Non-Music majors can reserve their locker once the semester starts. Students are only allowed to reserve one locker per semester.

To reserve your locker, follow these steps:

Step 1: Verify Your Information

The A-number will automatically be entered into the form when you login with your A-number and strong password.

The Name will also be automatically entered. This is your preferred name in the USU Banner system.

Entering your email address in the Email field is required to complete the reservation. Make sure to enter a valid email address. A reservation confirmation email will come from to the address you enter.

Music Locker Reservation form

Step 2: Choose a Locker Size

Required Locker Size lets you indicate what size locker you need. This information is based on the space available in the locker. Along with the biggest instrument that could fit in particular locker size (i.e. Bass, Tuba, Small Woodwind), you will also see the rough dimensions for the locker opening. If, for example, you need a violin locker, you will find it described as "any case size up to viola - 10" x 35".

Locker size dropdown menu

Step 3: Choose a Locker Location

Preferred Location lets you indicate where in the Fine Arts building you would like to have your locker.

Locker location dropdown menu

Step 4: Choose a Lock Type

Preferred Lock Type lets you indicate what kind of lock you prefer to have. You can choose between a combination or keyed lock, or to bring your own. If you choose a combination or keyed lock, you will be required to stop by the Music office to pick up your combination or key before accessing your locker.

Lock type dropdown menu


If you choose preferences that don't match any available lockers, you will see a red warning message next to the "Get My Locker" button. Simply adjust your preferences (i.e. Location or Lock Type) and try again.

Warning message example

Reservation Confirmation

Once you have successfully found a locker that meets your needs, a success message will appear on the screen. A confirmation email will also be sent to the email you provided on the Music Locker Reservations form.

If you get an error message, because there are no lockers available that meet your preferences, adjust your preferences (i.e. Location or Lock Type) and try again.

Example reservation confirmation screen