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Fry Street Chamber Music Festival | July 14-17, 2021

The Fry Street Chamber Music Festival seeks to create engaged and passionate chamber musicians and citizens through a uniquely personalized and intense environment of study. Private lessons, coaching sessions, and other activities give students the opportunity to learn lifelong skills of collaboration, trust, and communication, all while deepening their musical understanding.

This year FSCMF will include a 1-day, in-person educational event on July 17 for students aged 14-18. Additionally, the festival will include a 3-day virtual or in-person component from July 14-16 which will serve to lead up to the activities on July 17. Students can opt to attend the virtual events only, in-person events only, or both.
Pre-formed groups are strongly encouraged and will receive coachings ahead of the in-person event. Students traveling to the USU campus for in-person activities will be responsible for their own accommodations

Live concerts with FSQ and festival guest artists will take place July 16, 17, and 20th at 7:30 pm in the Russell/Wanlass Performance Hall. Concerts will be open to the public and livestreamed.

For questions, please email