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Sara Bakker PhD

Sara Bakker PhD

Music Theory

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Hours: By appointment
Office Location: UR 111


Assistant Department Head, Music Theory


Sara Bakker holds the Ph.D. in music theory from Indiana University, where she taught extensively in both the music major and music minor curricula.  She currently teaches at Utah State University in Logan, UT.

Her dissertation on rhythmic phase shifting in the music of György Ligeti shows how subtle differences in the phase relationship result in pieces with drastically different formal and aesthetic outcomes.  These analyses address ways to achieve closure in repetition-intensive repertoire, formal compression and expansion through varied repetition, and recursive structures at multiple organizational levels.  Her forthcoming chapters in György Ligeti Symposium (University of Rochester Press) and Form and Process in Music, 1300-2014: An Analytic Sampler (Cambridge Scholars Publishing) expand on this research.

Dr. Bakker has also presented research on rhythm and meter, including rhythmic aspects of Hungarian text-setting (West Coast Conference for Music Theory and Analysis 2015, Music Theory Midwest 2008), formal features of Baroque unmeasured preludes (Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory 2009), teaching rhythm and form (Society for Music Theory 2009).  She has served on the editorial board for Indiana Theory Review(2006–11), is a reviewer for Oxford University Press, and currently serves on the Society for Music Theory’s Committee on the Status of Women (2014–16).