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USU Symphony Orchestra



MUSC 3500 (DHA) - 1 cr. - Fall & Spring Semesters

Directed by: Dr. Sergio Bernal

Open to: All full-time USU students, undergraduate to graduate, but audition required for admission

Audition information/materials:

The audition excerpts are from Beethoven's Symphony No. 7, which we will perform this fall. Please submit no later than August 1 video recordings showing your performance of the excerpts, according to the following directions:

  • Practice/audition music is available at The audition excerpts and performance tempi are marked in the music.
  • Record VIDEOS that show you playing the excerpts. Excerpts recorded on audio only will not be accepted.
  • Record all the excerpts listed for your instrument. Record one excerpt per video.
  • Record each excerpt using a metronome. Set the metronome to the indicated tempo, and record the excerpt along with audible clicks of the metronome.
  • Count all the rests in actual tempo.
  • You may record each excerpt as many times as you want and submit the take you like the most.
  • To submit the video recordings, please upload the videos on USU Box, Dropbox, or YouTube and send the links in an email message to If using YouTube, post your videos as “unlisted” - posting them as “private” will make them difficult to access.
  • Arrange your video recordings in the same order of appearance as marked in the music. To do that, write “Excerpt 1, Excerpt 2”, etc., in your email message and add the respective link to each one of the excerpts.
  • Strings: the parts have been bowed already; please follow the markings when recording the excerpts. Violins: please audition with either violin 1 or violin 2 as you feel technically comfortable or as specified by your instructor. If you can play both parts well, audition with the one you would prefer to play at the concert. I will do my best to accommodate your preference. In any event, there will be rotation between violin 1 and 2 for the other concerts. If you are interested in auditioning for CONCERTMASTER, please audition with the first violin part.
  • Trumpets / Low Brass / Percussion: you are not required to audition at this time; Drs. Matzen, Fallis, and Nicholson will assign the parts.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to reviewing your auditions and will notify you of the results before the first rehearsal that will be on Tuesday, August 27.

Overview: The Utah State University Symphony Orchestra is designed to provide both music majors and non-majors interested in continuing their instrumental studies with high-quality performance experience that will strengthen their command and increase their enjoyment of the symphonic repertoire. The orchestra performs several concerts every year at the Chase Fine Arts Center as well as special outreach performances in Logan and other parts of Utah. Guest and faculty soloists are regularly featured in the orchestra's concert series, as are performing organizations from campus and the community. Recent guests include Deutsche Grammophon recording artist Francisco “Pacho” Flores (Trumpet) and Maestro Delta David Gier, Music Director of the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra. Joint productions with the Martha Graham Dance Company, the Cache Civic Ballet, the University of Utah Philharmonia, the Utah State Theatre, the USU Choral Ensembles, and the USU Opera have contributed to the cultural life of Northern Utah. All orchestra members must register in the course in order to participate. The rehearsal schedule is: Tuesdays, 1:30-2:50 PM; Wednesdays, 4:30-5:50 PM; Thursdays, 1:30-2:50 PM.

USU Wind Orchestra



MUSC 4700 (DHA) - 1 cr. - Spring Semesters

Directed by: Dr. Thomas Rohrer

Open to: All full-time USU students, undergraduate to graduate

Audition info: Audition is required; contact director for information.

Overview:  The Wind Orchestra, the "flagship ensemble" of the USU Bands, is a 45-member ensemble of the finest wind and percussion players in the school.  It plays the finest in contemporary wind music as well as time-tested standards from the band repertoire.  The Wind Orchestra performs three concerts each semester, and entrance is gained to the ensemble by audition at the outset of each semester.  The ensemble has performed at the Utah Music Educators Convention and the College Band Directors National Association Western Division Conference.  

Cache Symphony Orchestra logo



MUSC 3530 - 1 cr. - Fall & Spring Semesters 

Directed by: Dr. Mark Emile

Open to: All musicians -- students and non-students

Audition info: Audition is required; contact director for information.

Overview:  The Cache Symphony Orchestra is a college-community ensemble made up of musicians from all walks of life. For information on upcoming concerts, please visit For information on joining the symphony orchestra, please contact the conductor, Dr. Mark Emile at More information can be obtained at

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