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Piano Pedagogy Minor

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The Minor in Piano Pedagogy prepares students for professional careers running independent piano studios or music schools, teaching one-on-one lessons and group classes to piano students of all ages.  Minors receive instruction in university coursework and piano instruction with the Utah State music faculty, and gain experience teaching in the nationally-recognized USU Youth Conservatory, a lab school that has provided piano instruction to pre-college community students since 1978.  No audition is required for the Piano Pedagogy Minor, but it is expected that students have a solid foundation in music reading and piano performance to succeed in the required coursework.  For more information about the Piano Pedagogy minor, please contact Dr. Kevin Olson (

Piano Pedagogy Minor Course Requirements

MUSC 1010 - Introduction to Music (BCA)            3

MUSC 1100 - Fundamentals of Music for Non-Music Majors (BCA); or
MUSC 1110 Music Theory I (by entrance exam)  3

MUSC 1430 - Pedagogy I                                         3

MUSC 1440 - Pedagogy II                                        3

MUSC 1480 - Individual Instruction  1-2 (4 credits total)

Select 2-3 courses (6 credits total) from the following options:

  • MUSC 1420 - Piano Practicum                           3
  • MUSC 2420/2430/2440 Piano Literature          2
  • MUSC 4410 - Special Topics in Performance & Pedagogy 1-2