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Graduate Degrees

The USU Music Department offers accredited Master of Music (MM) degrees with specializations in Piano Performance and Pedagogy, Voice Performance, Guitar Performance, and Choral Conducting. USU Master of Music students acquire comprehensive knowledge in their specialization through intensive one-on-one applied study, challenging seminar classes, and research. Through the curriculum, MM students have multiple opportunities to practice professional skills, expand their intellectual capabilities, and gain leadership experience.

Selected M.M. students will be offered Graduate Assistantship positions under faculty supervision. After completing departmental requirements, these students will be eligible to teach courses in the undergraduate curriculum for music majors and minors. All graduate students, including those who do not receive an Assistantship position, may have the opportunity to provide instruction to non-majors, for which they would receive payment. These teaching opportunities will be invaluable components to the graduate program, which is specifically designed to prepare students for both performance and teaching careers.

Prospective students of the proposed graduate program will apply for admission to the Utah State University School of Graduate Studies, which currently administers 106 Masters degrees, 38 Doctorate degrees, and 5 E.Ds. degrees. University policies that establish acceptable standards for these graduate programs are developed and maintained by the Dean of Graduate Studies with the advice of the University and College Graduate Councils.  Within the Department of Music, the graduate program is governed by the Music Department Graduate Committee.  The Department of Music is the final arbiter of who meets the standards, both for admission and graduation, in music.

Follow the links below for information on each degree, or contact the Music Department's Director of Graduate Studies - Dr. Cahill Smith.

MM Performance - Guitar

Student playing acoustic guitarFor additional information, contact Corey Christiansen.

MM Performance - Voice

Dido and Aeneas

For additional information, contact Dr. Cindy Dewey.

MM Piano Performance and Pedagogy

hands playing piano

For additional information, contact Dr. Kevin Olson.

MM Choral Conducting

Chamber Singers China 2017

For additional information, contact Dr. Craig Jessop.