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Utah All-State 2019 Instructional Videos

Faculty instuctors in the USU Caine College of the Arts offer helpful tips and instructions for high school students preparing to audition for All-State Band.  Keep in mind:  adjudicators will be listening for your musicianship.  These videos provide insight and hints on how to make the most of the dynamics and phrases of the musical selections required.

Trumpet Instructions

Dr. Max Matzen, professor of trumpet at USU, explains the mechanics of the 12 measures and two scales required for the trumpet audition.

Clarinet Instructions

USU Clarinet Professor, Dr. Nicholas Morrison emphasizes the importance of marking where to breathe, and giving each line a forward motion.

Oboe Instructions

Bonnie Schroeder, oboe instructor at USU, offers suggestions on fingering for ascending and descending scales, and navigating subdivided measures.



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