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  • Music Department Student Services

    We are located in FA 102.  Our phone number is (435) 797-3204.  You may email Cary Youmans with general music questions.


    The Student Services office in the Music Department can help you with the following things:

    Basic Music Minor advising

    Classroom Scheduling

    Instrument Lockers

    Practice Rooms

    Student Matriculation

    Transfer Credit Articulations


    The below tabs offer additional information about some of the services we provide.


    Instrument Lockers

    Locker check out for music majors will begin Friday, January 6, 2017.  To check out a locker, please go to scheduling.usu.edu. To check out a locker:  click on “Create A Reservation.”  Scroll down to the title “Fine Arts Lockers.”  Click on the “Book Now” button.  Click on “Recurrence,” set your start date 1/9/2017, end date 5/5/2017, Start Time 12:00 AM and End Time 11:59 PM.  Apply your recurrence, click “Search,” select the locker you want, click “Next Step,” fill out the required fields, click "Create Reservation."  Music majors will be emailed this information immediately prior to the beginning of the semester. Lockers are available on a first come, first serve basis. Only music majors are allowed to check out lockers one week before and during the first week of the semester. Only music majors whose major instrument is guitar are allowed to check out guitar lockers the week before and during the first week of the semester. Music Therapy majors may check out guitar lockers beginning the second week of the semester. Non-music majors may check out lockers (except for guitar lockers) beginning the second week of the semester. See details about Instrument Lockers in the Department of Music Student Handbook. For assistance, call or visit FA 102 (435-797-3204).


    To schedule a practice room, please go to scheduling.usu.edu. To schedule a room: click on “Create A Reservation.”  Select the type of room you want (Instrumental or Piano/Vocal), and click “Book Now.”  Click on the “Recurrence” button, to schedule the room for the same time/day(s) each week.  Start date is Jan. 9, 2017.  End date is May 5, 2017.   Select the day(s) and time you want, then click on “Apply Recurrence.”  On the new page, click the “Search” button.  Click on the circle + button for the room you want.  (Be careful not to select multiple rooms here.  Every circle + button you click will add a room to be scheduled.  Select only one room at a time.)  Specify the number of users (1), then click the “Next Step” button.  Fill out the required fields on the next page, then click “Create Reservation.”


    Music majors will be emailed this information immediately prior to the beginning of the semester.

    All Music degrees require attendance at 80 concerts/recitals (see details on page 29 in the Student Handbook).  

    Concert/recital attendance tracking is done in the Music Department Student Services office.  If you need help identifying nearby concerts to attend (and perhaps take a date to), in addition to visiting arts.usu.edu, check out the sites below.

    Brigham City Fine Arts Center

    Cache Community Wind Symphony & CC Big Band

    Caine Lyric Theatre and Ellen Eccles Theater (Cache Valley Center for the Arts)

    Celebrate America - In The Miller Mood, HUGE Big Band Show w/ Dinner & Dance


    Hatch Academy of Magic & Music

    Logan Library Events Calendar

    Why sound - 30 Federal Avenue


    Check here for important announcements and notices: 

    Music Majors' Individual Instruction requirement has been split into a sequence of three different course numbers.  This has been done primarily to help us track student progress in your individual instruction on your primary instrument/voice, but also to better facilitate transfer credits.  All music majors USED to register ONLY for the 3/4000 level individual instruction course throughout their entire program.  This is no longer the case.


    INCOMING FRESHMAN: You will register for the 1000-level Pre-music instruction course your first two semesters.  At the end of each semester you will have a jury.  At the end of your first year (2nd semester), students who have passed both freshmen-level juries with a B or higher will be moved from the pre-music course into the Pre-barrier course.  Passing your 2 first-year juries with a B or higher also moves you from pre-program status into declared status.  Education and Performance majors can see when this has occurred in Degree Works, when the last letters of your major code change from PPRU to BM or BA.   After passing your first-year juries, you will register for the 2000-level Pre-barrier course during your 3rd semester of lessons.  Once you have passed your Barrier Jury, you will register for the 3/4000 level individual Instruction for majors for all remaining semesters of study.  NOTE: Music Therapy majors’ code won’t change, but you do need to meet the criteria described here for sequencing through pre-music, pre-barrier and major instruction on your major instrument.


    CURRENT MUSIC MAJORS: Juniors and Seniors should already have passed their barrier jury and register for the 3/4000 level Instruction course.  If you don’t know whether you have passed your barrier jury, consult with your music faculty advisor/individual instruction teacher.  If you have, register for the 3/4000 level instruction course.  If you haven’t, register for the 2000 level pre-barrier course.  Sophomores should confirm with your faculty advisor you have passed your first-year juries and have moved into Pre-barrier status.  If you have, register for the 2000 level Pre-barrier instruction course.  If you haven’t, meet with your music faculty advisor to decide a course of action.  Remember, all juries must be passed with a grade of B or better.


    INCOMING TRANSFER STUDENTS: Your performance level will need to be evaluated by your music faculty advisor or Area Head to determine which level of instruction you should register for.  You also need to have the application of your individual instruction credits approved by your music faculty advisor.  Your instruction transfer credits will sit in the electives column until they are applied to your degree requirements, so make sure your music faculty advisor notifies the Music Student Services Office  of their approval for your transfer credits to be applied.  They can either email Cary Youmans directly,  or you can forward their approval email to him.  


    If you are uncertain about what level of instruction you should be taking, ask your music faculty advisor.  If you need help changing your registration, Sally Peterson  or Cary Youmans can assist you.