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  • Music K-12 Endorsement


    The Music K-12 Endorsement affords graduates a credential to teach Kindergarten through twelfth grades (K-12) rather than the Secondary Certificate (6-12) that comes with the standard USU Music Education degree. This program is recommended for all Music Education Majors for the following reasons: 1) the additional courses easily fit into the four-year curriculum and 2) having the Music K-12 Endorsement allows better reciprocity for students applying for employment in other states, which may require the K-12 certification.


    See Professor Leslie Timmons (435-797-3699) directly to be part of this program.



    1) PSY 1100 - Lifespan Development (3 cr., F/SP, prerequisite: PSY 1010) OR FCHD 1500 (BSS)* Human Development Across the Lifespan (3 cr., F/SP, no prereq.)


    2) MUSC 3260 Elementary School Music (2 cr. F/Sp/Su)


    3) Orff Schulwerk Teacher Training, Level 1 (4 cr., Su)


    *FCHD 1500 will fulfill the University Studies Breadth Social Science (BSS) requirement


     See also: Music Education degree pages; Music Education Deadlines; Student Services (including a link to the current Student Handbook)