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PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to fill out all of the requested information that applies. Incomplete applications will not be processed until the information can be obtained. This will delay your audition appointment. Fill out the form as accurately as possible, only entering the type of information requested (e.g only enter dates in date fields, etc. Entering 'DK', 'NA', etc. where a number is required won't work). Failure to fill the form out correctly can result in submission errors, and your information might not be received.

This is NOT the Music Therapy Application Form. If you need that form, click here.

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*Private Instruction History:
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After clicking on the submit button, you should see a page that says "Thank you for your interest in auditioning at USU!" You will also receive a confirmation email. Otherwise, your application MIGHT NOT have been received.

If there is an error, your information MIGHT HAVE been received anyway. Don't automatically resubmit the form. Wait and see if you receive an email. If you received an email, we might have your information. To verify that the information was received, reply to the email, asking if we have your application.

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