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  • Chamber Ensembles

    Student experience in small ensembles and chamber music is a vital part of our curriculum. Our music department offers a range of ways to participate in chamber ensembles under the guidance of faculty, with masterclasses from world-renowned performers and frequent performance opportunities. Playing chamber music gives students the opportunity to develop a range of musical and interpersonal skills, allows them to develop their individual artistry, and better prepares them for the professional world of music performance. The chamber music repertoire is vast and varied, providing a myriad of ways in which students can collaborate. Chamber ensembles are open to all interested University students, with the exception of a few which are reserved for music majors only. Contact the ensemble's faculty coordinator for information on participating. See also Caine Chamber Ensembles, which require auditions and provide scholarship stipends.


    Ensembles are listed alphabetically:

    Clarinet player



    MUSC 3700 - 1 cr.
    Fall & Spring Semesters, Tuesdays 4:45 - 5:30 p.m.

    Faculty Coordinator: 
    Nicholas Morrison

    Audition info: Permission of Instructor

    Overview: This college/community chamber ensemble incorporates all members of the clarinet family from E-flat sopranino to Contra Alto clarinet and everything in between to read, rehearse and perform both standard and new works for clarinet quartet and clarinet choir.  Relying primarily on non-traditional concert venues, previous performances have been in schools, adult care facilities, lobby music prior to other events, and even the Logan Transit Center.  Clarinet choir doesn’t wait for the community to come to concerts; we take the concerts to the community! 

    Flute player



    MUSC 3780 - 1 cr.
    Fall & Spring Semesters

    Faculty Coordinator:
    Leslie Timmons

    Audition info: No audition required.

    Overview:  Students play all members of the flute family to gain knowledge about flute ensemble repertoire, rehearsal techniques, and chamber music performance skills.

    French Horn player



    MUSC 3850 - 1 cr.
    Fall & Spring Semesters

    Faculty Coordinator: 
    Laura Huggard

    Audition info: Contact Laura Huggard

    Overview: Helps students gain knowledge and understanding of brass ensemble, gain knowledge of rehearsal techniques for perfecting chamber music, and demonstrate mastery of these skills through performance.

    Saxophone player



    MUSC 4710 - 1-2 cr.
    Fall & Spring Semesters

    Faculty Coordinator:
    Jon Gudmundson

    Audition info: Contact Dr. Gudmundson

    Overview: Study and performance of the finest literature for the small jazz ensemble.





    MUSC 3870 - 1 cr.
    Fall & Spring Semesters

    Faculty Coordinator:
    Jason Nicholson

    Audition info: Contact Dr. Nicholson for information.

    Overview: Provides opportunity for percussionists to perform select percussion literature in a chamber music setting.

    String player



    MUSC 4500 - 1 cr.
    Fall & Spring Semesters

    Faculty Coordinators:
    Robert Waters, Rebecca McFaul, Brad Ottesen, Anne Francis-Bayless

    Audition info: This course is reserved for music majors enrolled in the USU String Program.

    Overview: An intensive study of chamber music repertoire, in which students learn to independently rehearse and develop performances, under the mentorship of the members of the Fry Street Quartet.

    Tuba player



    MUSC 3800 - 1 cr.
    Fall & Spring Semesters

    Faculty Coordinator:
    Lane Weaver

    Audition info: Contact Dr. Weaver

    Overview:  Intended for music majors and nonmajors interested in performing music specifically written and/or arranged for low brass ensemble.




    See also Caine Chamber Ensembles, which require auditions and provide scholarship stipends.