The Caine College of the Arts is proud to have the Fry Street Quartet as its string area faculty.

Members of the Fry Street Quartet in the woods.

Photo Credit: MK Gaydos Gabriel

Now in its tenth season at Utah State University, the Fry Street Quartet's members are dedicated educators, and continue to cultivate a thriving String Program at Utah State. The String Program is a tightly knit, demanding, and gratifying program as evidenced by both the exceptional amount of attention each student receives, as well as the pursuits and achievements of its students.

"A quartet is all about collaboration. We never work in isolation; the program grows through steady consideration, innovation, and adjustments. Along with active advising, the creative approaches that characterize the String Program distinguish it. In addition, our presence in the performing world affords the students access to our connections and provides a first-hand example of what it means to be a performing artist."     ~R. McFaul/FSQ

Competition winners and finalists, summer study at home and abroad, and continuing studies in graduate programs across the country are common among the ambitious students of the String Program at the Caine College of the Arts.

Our String Program's bass instructor is Corbin Johnston, who is a visiting faculty member from the Utah Symphony. Bass students have the privilege of working with Mr. Johnston both in private study and chamber music.

The Chamber Music Component:

With a string quartet as its primary faculty, it's not a surprise that chamber music lies at the heart of the string program. Chamber music is required all eight semesters of study for both String Performance and Music Education Majors, and is beloved amongst the students. There are weekly coachings in addition to four hours of required rehearsal. Students also have the opportunity to perform in master classes throughout the year, given by visiting artists hosted by the Chamber Music Society of Logan. Chamber music is where refining skills of musical communication, technical command, and developing interpretive abilities exist alongside the interpersonal and cooperative demands that all come into play in this arena. The semester's end student chamber music performance is always a highlight of the concert season. The FSQ is thrilled to have the Utah Symphony's Principal Violist, Brant Bayless, supplementing the Chamber Music Faculty.

Explore the Program:

We welcome all prospective students to explore our program. Please feel free to contact us, and attend some of the exciting events that are nearly constant throughout the academic year. Come and experience for yourself the exciting things that are taking place inside the Caine College of the Arts String Program.


String Faculty:


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