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The Music Education program for wind and percussionists is one of the strongest programs in the Department of Music.  Taught by a highly-skilled and diverse faculty, one hundred percent of graduates of this program who seek employment are hired upon graduation in public, charter, and private schools.  The licensure that comes with this program allows alumni who seek further study as graduate students to have a unique credential to teach private lessons and to run sectionals/masterclasses in public schools as well as to attain a high level of skill, understanding, and resulting marketability as trained educators, whatever their aspiration after graduation.

Graduates of Utah State's Music Education program currently teach elementary through college-aged students, holding positions at the finest elementary and secondary schools as well as institutions of high learning.  Wind and percussion players are recommended to earn their USU degrees in Music Education´┐Żeven if their aspiration is performance at the graduate level, because of the strength of this degree program and the resulting credential.  Many alumni are admitted to the finest graduate programs in the country on there instruments

Woodwind, Brass & Percussion Faculty:

Please review the official Music Education Website for detailed curricular information:

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